Updated superHero game!


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Hey, guys. 🙂 I updated the superHero game a bit. Graphics and such. Check it out!


– Screwed Loose

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Drawing Shiny Orbs – A Basic Design Tutorial

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Hey, guys! This is just a random design tutorial on how to make professional-looking shiny orbs that can be used as buttons, etc.


Side-Scrolling Character Movement Tutorial – Flash Gaming


This was originally posted on my other site.

Hey, guys! So, I’ve  decided to make some Flash game tutorials for those of you interested in making games. I guess I should start from the beginning, hence the character movement tut, here.

For this tutorial, I am assuming you know some ActionScript 2. Just the littlest bit. 😉 Not an insane amount.

Okay, so moving your character is certainly one of the most important aspects of RPG gameplay, among other things. In order to make sure you’re on the same page I am, here’s a little link to what we will be making. Just the basic side-scrolling character movement. Go to the link below, click on the presentation to get focus, and look at it. Left and right arrow keys to move, up to jump.

Character Movement Expectations.


superHero – a game in progress.

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Hey, guys! So, I’ve been working on a rather extensive game lately with my brothers. It’s nowhere near finished, but I wanted to share with you all and ask what you think. ^,^ It’s called superHero, with a lot of customization features. Here are some pics:

And now, you can go play superHero.


Random Numbers & Random Frames – Flash Basics

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Hey, guys! 🙂

So, anyways, if you’re newer to flash, you may run into the problem of random frames/random numbers. For example, a vertical shooter and random motion of the enemies. Or just creating cards that, when “flipped”, randomly selected backings.

Well, a way to do this is with the random(); function.

variable = random(number) + min;